Spa Amenities

Your comfort is our #1 Priority

Massage Chair – What could be more relaxing than a massage to relieve your anxiety
before you get that root canal done? State of the art Massage chair is available to
relax and comfort our patients before and after they receive dental treatment. And keep
in mind, this service is completely free for our patients and their friends that don’t
want to be waiting in the waiting area.

Movie Goggles – What could be a better distraction than watching a movie while you’re getting
your dental treatment done? Our high-tech movie goggles are the perfect answer to your problem.
Sit back and watch a movie while we take care of your smile.

Aromatherapy gloves – Aromatherapy is know to improve your mood and soothe your nerves. Along with the
aloe vera gloves, we provide you with a soft neckwrap pillow while you get your massage or while you are in the dental chair.

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